Genomics in Health Implementation Forum

The Genomics in Health Implementation Forum (GHIF) aims to empower knowledge exchange and collaboration through the implementation of GA4GH standards among global genomics initiatives as they pursue the common goal of advancing human health.




The Genomics in Health Implementation Forum (GHIF) aims to support more accurate data interpretation, diagnosis, and innovative solutions across healthcare through global cooperation in data sharing and clinical implementation of genomics. The forum helps initiatives reduce both duplication of efforts and promote the collection of compatible clinical genomic data and health information to enable global data sharing.

GHIF is primarily focused on supporting uptake of GA4GH standards at global genomics initiatives and providing real-world insights to the GA4GH Work Streams as they develop new standards to support data sharing. The group also enables collective learning by sharing best practices, challenges, and opportunities with a technical, regulatory, clinical, or educational focus.

The GHIF’s three key areas of work are to:

  • Identify areas of collaboration and resource/expertise sharing
  • Develop pilot projects for global data sharing using large scale cohorts
  • Identify common needs for standards across initiatives



Members of the Genomics in Health Implementation Forum (GHIF) are GA4GH Organizational Members that are (1) focused on advancing a genomics strategy across a single country or a consortium of countries, (2) working towards enabling translation of genomics into clinical care, and (3) actively working to adopt GA4GH standards to contribute to global data sharing. GHIF members are invited to participate in all working meetings and online discussion forums. Membership also enables access to the shared resources contained in the GHIF Toolkit.


Australian Genomics

The Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics

Genomics EnglandQatar Genome Programme


All for One

Genomic Medicine Sweden
Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine


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