Code of Conduct

Approved by the Steering Committee, 22 January 2018

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1 Introduction

The purpose of these standards is to ensure that all contributors to GA4GH promote the mission of the GA4GH and maintain a professional and respectful environment. The code applies to all activities and interactions of those contributors involving GA4GH.

2 GA4GH contributors shall:

  • adhere to GA4GH’s mission and Framework for responsible sharing of genomic and health-related data;
  • act to uphold the interests and reputation of GA4GH;
  • promote standards, policies, and products that contribute to scientific and technological advancement and that benefit human health, e.g. by offering competent opinions and services and considering diverse viewpoints;
  • treat all colleagues with respect, courtesy, and professionalism;
  • commit to the highest standards of objectivity and transparency concerning credentials, qualifications, and conflicts of interest;
  • respect GA4GH policies as established on the GA4GH website or within Work Streams.

3 Uptake

These standards will be shared on the GA4GH website and will be provided to new contributors when they join Work Streams.

4 Acknowledgements

This Code is modeled on the Internet Society’s “Code of Conduct,” the World Wide Web Consortium’s “Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct,” and the OpenStand Principles.