Work Streams

Work Streams create products that encourage responsible international genomic data use. These teams from around the globe build standards, frameworks, and tools that overcome technical and regulatory hurdles. Join any Work Stream related to your field and interests. All Work Streams follow the Code of Ethics and Community Conduct.


Clinical & Phenotypic Data Capture (Clin/Pheno) Work Stream

Helps clinicians and researchers store, describe, and send data about observable traits (phenotypes) and clinical care.

Cloud Work Stream

Standardises how researchers bring algorithms to data — or define, share, and execute portable workflows in any cloud environment, securely and easily.

Data Security Work Stream

The Data Security Work Stream develops products and guidelines to safeguard privacy, data integrity, and service availability. The Work Stream also assesses GA4GH outputs for risk or security implications.

Data Use & Researcher Identity (DURI) Work Stream

Creates tools to communicate who can access datasets for which purposes. Helps confirm user identity and match researcher type to data permissions.

Discovery Work Stream

Helps researchers and clinicians explore the wealth of worldwide genomic variations through products for searching and exchanging genomic data.

Genomic Knowledge Standards (GKS) Work Stream

Designs technical standards that enable computer-to-computer exchange of information about genomes, improving the search and application of genomic knowledge.

Large-Scale Genomics (LSG) Work Stream

Develops products to describe, compress, store, encrypt, and transfer genomic data in a scalable way.

Regulatory & Ethics Work Stream (REWS)

Develops community-driven policies, tools, and standards that address regulatory and ethical considerations in genomic research and international data sharing.

Interested in joining a Work Stream?

Anyone working in genomics and related fields is invited to participate in our inclusive community by creating, proposing, and testing new products.