Study Groups

Study Groups survey the landscape of the genomics and health community, define needs, and determine whether GA4GH can help.

When community members highlight a problem in genomics and health data use, GA4GH can form a Study Group to investigate the need and determine whether to develop a new product. In some cases, Study Groups may recommend updating an existing product or formally recognising work that has already taken place outside of GA4GH.

Study Group participants represent a broad cross-section of the community, including software developers, researchers, bioinformaticians, and clinicians. If a new product seems appropriate, many Study Group participants go on to lead the team that develops it.

Typical Study Group activities include:

  • Defining a problem statement
  • Performing landscape analysis
  • Developing use cases
  • Engaging with stakeholders

Join a Study Group

Reach out to the staff contact listed on each Study Group page. Or sign up for a Work Stream below, ticking the box for any Study Groups of interest.