About us

GA4GH unlocks the power of genomic data to benefit human health.

Formed in 2013, the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) unites an international community dedicated to advancing human health through genomic data. We build technical standards and policy frameworks and tools that will expand responsible, voluntary, and secure use of genomic and other related health data. 

Our not-for-profit alliance includes more than 500 leading organisations in healthcare, patient advocacy, research, ethics, government, life science, and information technology as members. Following our Strategic Roadmap, we build consensus across these diverse groups in an inclusive and pre-competitive process that produces truly global standards.

GA4GH strives to turn the promise of genomic medicine into routine practice. The data in your genome (all your DNA) could radically improve the healthcare you receive. Imagine if it were easy to predict your response to a cancer drug, find someone halfway around the world with the same genetic condition as your child, or avoid common diseases like asthma or migraines with treatments tailored to your genes.

But there’s a problem. Researchers and doctors cannot access the knowledge that will transform healthcare. Genomic data are often hidden and stored in incompatible systems.

The world needs a way to fiercely protect personal data while sharing vital knowledge that could benefit all our health. To achieve this vision, GA4GH aims to build a secure “internet of genomics.” Authorised researchers and clinicians will easily search the globe’s genomic and related data — while the human rights of people who share their data stay fully protected.

The GA4GH community develops free, open-source products that make it simple and safe to request, access, and study data stored anywhere. GA4GH products help organisations become effective data stewards. All our work builds on the Framework for responsible sharing of genomic and health-related data, guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our mission

GA4GH aims to accelerate progress in human health by establishing a shared global approach to responsible, broad, and democratised use of genomic and related health data.

Our organisation


Learn how a meeting of 50 leaders in genomics and medicine launched an alliance of more than 5,000 individuals and organisations worldwide.


The GA4GH Strategic Roadmap outlines strategies, standards, and policies for enabling responsible access to genomic and related health data.


Join our international team and help us advance genomic data sharing for the benefit of human health.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The EDI Advisory Group responds to issues raised in the GA4GH community, finding equitable, inclusive ways to bring diverse ideas into product development.

GA4GH Inc.

This not-for-profit organisation is the legal entity for GA4GH and helps support the global community.

Our people


Meet our staff team based at GA4GH Host Institutions, who aid in creating and implementing new products.


Our collaborative network is led by an Executive Committee and a Standards Steering Committee.


All GA4GH financial supporters sit on the Funders Forum to advise organisational strategy.

Individual Contributors

Anyone working in genomics and related fields is invited to contribute to the development of our products.

Our impact


genomes stewarded by our global partners with a commitment to responsible and effective access

organisations collaborate to set international guidelines for genomic data use
products innovate links between genomics and healthcare
solutions accelerate progress in human health with GA4GH products