Enabling responsible genomic data sharing for the benefit of human health

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) is a policy-framing and technical standards-setting organization, seeking to enable responsible genomic data sharing within a human rights framework


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November 5th 2018
Guest Post: Putting the "Global" in the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

Nearly six years ago, 50 colleagues came together in a conference room in New York City to discuss the future of genomics. With delegates from eight different countries, they represented an international, interdisciplinary field of researchers, clinicians, and professionals who knew that massive amounts of data were on the horizon and that a plan was needed to make the most of it all. One thing was clear: the plan needed to be global.

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November 2nd 2018
Comparative analysis reveals a diverse international regulatory landscape for genetic data

In September, members of the GA4GH Regulatory and Ethics Work Stream (REWS) published a special issue of the journal Human Genetics, focused on genomic data sharing. The series of review articles includes an overview of the regulatory frameworks that have come to bear in seven different countries.

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GA4GH 7th Plenary Meeting

The GA4GH 7th Plenary Meeting will be held in the continental United States following the annual meeting of the American Society for Human Genetics. Please stay tuned for more details.

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How we work

GA4GH Work Streams develop standards and tools that are founded on the for Responsible Sharing of Genomic and Health-Related Data. Their work is designed to enable international genomic data sharing based on the specific needs of clinical and research Driver Projects — real-world genomic data initiatives sourced from around the globe.