Strategic Partners

Some Organisational Members whose networks or infrastructure align with GA4GH priorities have made a long-term commitment to engaging with our community.

Steer the direction of international genomic data sharing as a Strategic Partner.

GA4GH Strategic Partners are organisations with sustainable funding, connections to a broad cohort of other organisations, and alignment to the GA4GH mission. These entities — often consortia — are distinct from Driver Projects in that each partner provides a single touchpoint into a wider network.

Strategic Partners offer direct input to GA4GH leadership.

Collaboration with GA4GH helps the Strategic Partner drive standards enhancements that further its own institutional goals. In return, Strategic Partners work to increase the global reach of GA4GH. They offer insight into how associated organisations roll out standards and ensure that GA4GH products are fit for use across their networks.

GA4GH Inc. works with each Strategic Partner to define the unique structure and level of formality of the relationship.

A Strategic Partner must:

  • have secure, long-term funding and/or a robust sustainability model;
  • provide services to an international genomics and health community;
  • align with the GA4GH mission and vision;
  • participate in GA4GH activities (Study Groups, Work Streams, GA4GH Implementation Forum);
  • serve for at least five years and strive to promote GA4GH product uptake across its networks, such as through internal training activities.

Current Strategic Partners

Get involved

To initiate a strategic collaboration, the leadership of both the Strategic Partner and GA4GH must agree on the need for the collaboration and then work together to draft a public document outlining the relationship.

Interested in becoming a Strategic Partner?