Communities of Interest

Many GA4GH contributors share an interest in specific genomics and health topics, such as rare disease, cancer, and infectious disease. They form communities that find challenges and opportunities for better data use in the real world.

Solving silos

Bringing together genomics projects working on data infrastructure, management, analysis, and sharing, GA4GH Communities of Interest are uniquely positioned to bridge the divide between technical developers and clinical practitioners.

Communities of Interest offer a forum for researchers, clinicians, and technical experts to uncover needs in specific domains. Current Communities of Interest include Cancer, Rare Disease, and Infectious Disease.

Participants define, discuss, and advance real-world use case that could involve GA4GH products. Together, they find opportunities to put GA4GH products into use.



GA4GH Communities of Interest promote global cooperation, responsible data sharing, and collaborative research in each domain area by uncovering needs for new GA4GH products and implementing existing products.


  • Increase chances of collaboration, especially interoperability and data sharing.
  • Connect international initiatives with common needs through interoperability standards.
  • Strengthen communication and interaction between users and developers to support the creation of fit-for-purpose solutions.
  • Identify opportunities to put existing products into practice.
  • Find gaps in the GA4GH product development roadmap.

Communities of Interest

Cancer icon
Cancer Community: The GA4GH Cancer Community promotes global cooperation, data sharing, collaborative cancer research, and better oncology care through implementation of GA4GH products.
infectious disease icon
Infectious Disease Community: Bridging pathogen and host genomics, the GA4GH Infectious Disease Community brings together international groups that support standardising genomic data use to better diagnose and treat infectious disease.
Rare disease icon
Rare Disease Community: Researchers, clinicians, and technical experts meet in the GA4GH Rare Disease Community to discuss rare disease challenges that GA4GH products could help alleviate.


  • Identify opportunities to collaborate and share datasets, workflows, and processes to answer otherwise impenetrable questions.
  • Learn how others use GA4GH products to tackle similar challenges.
  • After uncovering needs for standards in specific projects, and finding other groups with similar challenges → work moves into a Study Group.
  • After finding opportunities to integrate data from two or more international domain-specific projects with an agreed goal → work moves into the GA4GH Implementation Forum (GIF).

Join us

Meet leaders in data use for cancer, rare disease, infectious disease, and beyond by participating in a GA4GH Community of Interest.