Assigned Experts

Employers and funders assign experts to work at least 30% of the year on GA4GH product development.

Assign an expert to represent your country in international standards development.

A national funder or representative local institution can commit at least 30% of an employee’s time (equivalent to four calendar months per year) to GA4GH product development. This Assigned Expert builds GA4GH products as an official part of their job function, while also advocating for and advancing their employer’s local priorities within GA4GH.

Assigned Experts are expected to:

  • focus a documentable portion (30% or more) of their official efforts on GA4GH institutional priorities for product development;
  • represent a national or regional genomics landscape, often providing an otherwise unmet strategic connection for GA4GH;
  • directly and regularly engage with the GA4GH staff policy and technical teams.

How to establish an Assigned Expert

To become an Assigned Expert, your employer must work with GA4GH leadership to establish the need and validate the appointment. Assigned Experts who are not first discussed with GA4GH leadership may not be recognized by GA4GH.

Assigned Expert employers are expected to find funding for the appointment. Alternatively, funders of Assigned Experts are expected to secure a local employer to house the expert. Securing funding and employment are not the responsibility of GA4GH staff or leadership.

To validate contributions, an Assigned Expert, their employer, or their funder must provide annual evidence of commitment to GA4GH product development. Assigned Experts will work with GA4GH staff to ensure that their efforts align with institutional development priorities.

Assign an expert at your institution

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