Human Cell Atlas

Creates comprehensive maps of all human cells for researchers around the globe

The Human Cell Atlas is a community of scientists creating comprehensive reference maps of all human cells to better understand human health and diagnose, monitor, and treat disease. We still do not know what types make up the 37.2 trillion cells of the human body. Atlas data — including which of the 20,000 genes in a given cell are switched on —  are available to researchers around the globe.

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  • Timothy Tickle
  • Tony Burdett
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Human Cell Atlas (HCA) Data Portal

The HCA Data Portal stores and provides single-cell data contributed by labs around the world. Anyone can contribute data, find data, or access community tools and applications.

Products Used
Task Execution Service (TES), Tool Registry Service (TRS), Workflow Execution Service (WES), Data Repository Service (DRS), Authorisation and Authentication Infrastructure (AAI), Data Use Ontology (DUO)