Shares knowledge from cancer patient genomes and health-related data on a cloud-based system

ICGC ARGO will uniformly analyse specimens from 100,000 cancer patients with high-quality clinical data to address outstanding questions that are vital to our quest to defeat cancer. Over the next ten years, ICGC ARGO aims to deliver a million patient-years of precision oncology knowledge to the world — by making data available to the entire research community in a rapid and responsible way — to accelerate research into the causes and control of cancer.

Image summary: diagram depicting the life cycle of a patient's DNA, from sequencing to generating breakthroughs in scientific research.
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ARGO Data Platform

The International Cancer Genome Consortium Accelerating Research in Genomic Oncology (ICGC ARGO) aims to uniformly analyse specimens from 100,000 donors with high-quality clinical data in order to address outstanding questions that are vital to the quest to defeat cancer.