Australian Genomics

Links organisations to integrate genomic medicine into Australian healthcare

Bringing together national and international partners, Australian Genomics works to equitably and appropriately apply genomics in healthcare. Projects include setting national standards for genomic data management, integrating genomics in clinical treatment and diagnosis, training the health workforce, empowering Indigenous genomic priorities, and distilling research outcomes to form Australian policy and practice.

Funding for Australian Genomics comes from the Australian Government.


Image summary: a diagram depicting the six areas of focus for Australian Genomics for translating genomics into healthcare.
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Australian Genomics Data Management Systems

Australian Genomics has tools to support storage, access, and sharing of its genomic datasets for secondary research use. They include a web-based platform for dynamic consent and data sharing preferences (CTRL), a cloud-based Genomic Data Repository (GDR) that ingests, stores, and provides access to data, and a data release coordinator system (Elsa) to streamline data sharing.