Autism Sharing Initiative

Builds the first federated, global network for sharing autism data

The Autism Sharing Initiative aims to connect the largest and most diverse collection of autism data in the world. By creating the first federated, global network for sharing genomics and clinical data, the Initiative will help accelerate discoveries and the development of precision therapeutics in autism. The network uses GA4GH standards and technologies to offer broad and responsible access to researchers.

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MSSNG Genetics Application System

MSSNG (pronounced “missing”) is a groundbreaking collaboration between Autism Speaks, Verily, DNAstack, Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), and the research community to create the world’s largest whole-genome-sequencing database on autism with deep phenotyping.

Omics AI

Omics AI is a modular software suite by DNAstack for driving insights from omics and health data networks. It has several components. Publisher is a tool for connecting, protecting, and sharing omics data. Explorer is a portal that makes it easy to find, access, and analyse data within and across organisations. Workbench enables users to perform omics data analysis in their own environment. Examples of public deployments of Omics AI include Neuroscience AI (, a data network powered by this software suite that was established by the Autism Sharing Initiative Driver Project. The portal makes it easy for researchers to discover, access, and analyse data neuroscience data collections. Similarly, Viral AI ( makes it easy to discover, access, and analyse publicly available viral data collections.