Data Security Infrastructure Policy (DSIP)

Provides security and technology infrastructure recommendations for genomic and related health data sharing

Trust is necessary for sharing genomic and related health data effectively and responsibly. But without a safe, robust, and trustworthy technology infrastructure, it is difficult for stakeholders to trust one another, for users to trust the platforms that implement standards, and for patients and participants to trust that their personal data will be handled responsibly and respectfully. Developed by the GA4GH Data Security Work Stream, the Data Security Infrastructure Policy (DSIP) recommends best practices to maximise the security of international genomic data sharing. The document is relevant to anyone using or creating software held to high security standards.

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  • Outlines the technological building blocks for enabling a foundation for secure data sharing
  • Provides a framework of operational assurance for sharing genomic and related health data

Target users

Data custodians, data protection authorities, and security officers

Image summary: The Data Security Infrastructure Policy presents five key objectives for helping institutions protect their data.
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Dive deeper into this product! DSIP recommends best practices to enable secure data sharing and processing ecosystems. Security technology infrastructure is not limited to what is traditionally considered “security” technologies, such as authentication, authorisation, access control, and auditing, but also includes architectural guidance for building and operating trustworthy systems — that is, systems that can reliably perform their expected functions and resist malicious attacks and disruptions.


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