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Upcoming Event

29 September 2020 | Online
GA4GH 8th Plenary Meeting

The GA4GH 8th Plenary Meeting will be held on September 29 – 30, 2020 UTC, and will be completely virtual . The 8th Plenary will bring together global organizations and stakeholders from the genomics and health community for two days of keynotes, talks, updates, and workshops that will focus on advancing development work for the immediate data sharing needs of the community. Register here

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Past Events

21 October 2019 | Boston, USA
GA4GH 7th Plenary Meeting
The GA4GH 7th Plenary Meeting was held on October 21-23, 2019 at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USA. The meeting brought together more than 450 individuals from more than 250 organizations across 27 countries, and focused on advancing development work for the immediate data sharing needs of the community.
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3 October 2018 | Basel, Switzerland
GA4GH 6th Plenary Meeting

The GA4GH 6th Plenary Meeting was held at the Congress Center Basel in Basel, Switzerland and presented the first set of deliverables developed under GA4GH Connect — our 5-year strategic plan to enable real-world genomic data sharing by 2022. We are grateful for the support of our local meeting sponsors, the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and ELIXIR, who will co-host the meeting. Please visit our event website to register, book accommodations, and learn more.

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15 October 2017 | ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA
GA4GH 5th Plenary Meeting

The GA4GH 5th Plenary Meeting brought together more than 350 individuals for the launch of GA4GH Connect, a new phase of the organization focused on connecting GA4GH development work to the immediate data sharing needs of the genomics and health communities. An additional 100+ individuals joined the meeting by live stream on Day 3 (see full Day 3 video here). Days 1 and 2 included internal working meetings while Day 3 was focused on launching GA4GH Connect to the broader community.

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24 May 2017 | LONDON, UK
National Initiatives Meeting

Three years after the launch of GA4GH and six months after the first GA4GH-hosted convention of national genomics initiatives Australian Genomics and Genomics England hosted representatives from 13 National Initiatives in genomic data collection to discuss areas of potential collaboration.

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21 May 2017 | HINXTON, UK
GA4GH Strategic Planning Meeting

GA4GH held a 5-year strategic roadmapping effort in early 2017, proposing the way forward for efficient, responsible, and secure genomic and clinical data sharing. The process culminated at a two-day Strategic Planning Meeting focused on roadmap review, discussion, and implementation planning, including cross-cutting workshops for best working practices.

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18 February 2017 | Boston, MA, USA
GA4GH at AAAS 2017

GA4GH hosted a symposium in the Medical Sciences and Public Health track of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The session, “Genomic and Health Data: Global Sharing and Local Governance,” considered how funding agencies, journals, regulators, health payers, and patient groups are moving to influence data-sharing policy, while simultaneously calibrating the notion of who “owns” genomic data.

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16 October 2016 | Vancouver, BC, Canada
GA4GH 4th Plenary Meeting

The GA4GH 4th Plenary Meeting brought together 355 individuals from 204 organizations and 26 countries. The focus of the meeting was on facilitating rapid uptake of GA4GH tools and solutions in real-world settings – translating the last two years of work into action. The meeting also highlighted progress made on key projects, provided updates on GA4GH as an organization, and invited input on future goals and next steps.

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3 April 2016 | Kyoto, Japan
GA4GH Global Engagement Workshop at ICHG 2016

GA4GH held a one-day Global Engagement Workshop to coincide with ICHG 2016. This workshop highlighted progress and provided updates on GA4GH as an organization, invited insight from the Japanese and global perspectives, and explored opportunities for GA4GH to collaborate and engage with international initiatives.

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6 October 2015 | Baltimore, MD, USA
GA4GH at ASHG 2015

This outreach session presented several examples of ongoing work in Latin America that align with GA4GH initiatives. This will be followed by an informal discussion around the challenges and opportunities for Latin American stakeholders and GA4GH to work more closely together both now and over the long-term.

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9 June 2015 | Leiden, The Netherlands
GA4GH 3rd Plenary Meeting

The GA4GH 3rd plenary meeting focused on a push for implementation of tools and approaches, a need to integrate with other data sharing efforts, and the importance of global and sector diversity among GA4GH membership. More than 230 individuals attended the meeting, representing 152 organizations active in 24 countries.

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15 April 2015 | New Orleans, USA
GA4GH Somatic Cancer Data Sharing Workshop

A working meeting of the world’s leading cancer researchers and funders focused on how a culture of data sharing can help enable increased learning about the underlying drivers of cancer through the application of next generation sequencing (NGS) to clinical cancer care around the world.

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17 October 2014 | San Diego, CA, USA
GA4GH 2nd Plenary Meeting

GA4GH held its second major meeting on Saturday, October 18, 2014 in San Diego, California. The purpose of the plenary session was to convene the diverse community of GA4GH members and stakeholders, share important progress made by the four Working Groups and projects being accelerated, and collectively discuss next steps for GA4GH to advance and scale up current efforts in genomic data sharing to improve human health.

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4 March 2014 | London, UK
GA4GH 1st Partner Meeting

The first GA4GH Partner Meeting was hosted by the Wellcome Trust and provided an opportunity for GA4GH partners to reflect on progress and set concrete goals and deliverables to accomplish in the near term. Over 180 individuals participated in the plenary meeting, representing 100 organizations active in 30 countries. In addition, each of the four initial Working Groups convened a full-day meeting immediately before or after the plenary session, providing in-depth discussion of specific topics. All of the meetings were highly interactive and played a critical role in informing the next steps of GA4GH.

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