Offers a human and machine-readable way to structure clinical and phenotypic data about a patient or individual

Healthcare systems capture vital clinical information, such as a patient’s disease symptoms, observable characteristics, and demographic data. Improving patient care and clinical outcomes rely on the ability to standardise and share this information, along with corresponding genomic data. Developed by the GA4GH Clinical & Phenotypic Data Capture (Clin/Pheno) Work Stream, the Phenopackets standard provides a human and machine-readable way to structure phenotypic and clinical information about a patient or individual.

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  • Provides a format for creating computable representations of phenotypic and clinical data
  • Works with other GA4GH standards, such as the Variation Representation Standard, for representing genetic variation data
  • Works interoperably with community standards such as HL7 FHIR

Target users

Researchers, clinicians, clinical laboratories, and developers

A three-panel comic demonstrating how Phenopackets aims to enable the electronic sharing of phenotypic data
Image summary: Phenopackets help researchers and clinicians exchange phenotypic data in a standard way to accelerate research and improve patient care.

Community resources

Dive deeper into this product! Increasing the volume of computable phenotypic data across a diversity of systems can enable clinicians, biologists, and disease and drug researchers to build more complete models of disease. Phenopackets contain a set of mandatory and optional fields to share information about a patient or participant’s phenotype, such as clinical diagnosis, age of onset, results from lab tests, and disease severity. Phenopackets are also able to link to a separate file containing a patient’s genetic sequence, if available. Initially built for rare disease use cases, version 2.0 of the standard expands upon its utility by enabling better representation of cancer and common diseases.







Working meeting for the development of the GA4GH Phenopackets product, including discussion of implementations and support tooling

ad hoc
ad hoc
1 Hour



24 Jun 2021
23 Oct 2019


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Monarch Initiative

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  • Orion Buske
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  • Monica Munoz-Torres
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  • Sabine Oesterle
    SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • Soichi Ogishima
    Tohoku University Tohoku, Medical Megabank Organization
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  • Peter Robinson
    The Jackson Laboratory
  • Babita Singh
    Centre for Genomic Regulation
  • Dylan Spalding
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    Information Commissioner's Office
  • Grant Wood
  • Christina Yung
    Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), Indoc Research
  • Ksenia Zaytseva
    Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics, McGill University / Université McGill

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