Cohort Representation

Aims to create a standard or set of guidelines to computationally describe a cohort and query it across a network

Cohorts are groups of people who share certain criteria or characteristics for a period of time. By being able to clearly define, describe, and search for cohorts, researchers can aggregate more data for their studies. However, the lack of standard, interoperable ways to describe observable traits, or phenotypes, and to define search terms, makes analysing different cohorts challenging. To address this, the GA4GH Cohort Representation study group is exploring the development of a computable cohort representation standard.

This project is currently paused. If you are interested in getting involved or leading it, contact Amreen Mohamed.

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  • Aims to develop clear, computable definitions for describing a cohort
  • Aims to allow querying of cohort definitions across a network to receive statistical data

Target users

Researchers, clinicians, clinical laboratories, and developers

Community resources

Dive deeper into this product! A cohort represents a collection of subjects that satisfy a defined criteria represented by a phenotype. The Cohort Representation study group aims to create a computable cohort representation standard to computationally describe a cohort and execute that definition as a query across a cohort network.







Working meeting to explore standardisation around computable cohort representation, including cohort/case discovery and summary statistics

ad hoc
ad hoc
1 Hour

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Image of Nara Sobreira next to words "Welcome new GA4GH Co-Lead"
14 Jul 2023
GA4GH Discovery Work Stream welcomes new Co-Lead Nara Sobreira of Johns Hopkins Medicine
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