Consent Toolkit

Documents designed to help researchers and clinicians draft clear, informative consent forms

Obtaining informed consent from a participant or patient undergirds research and healthcare practices. Yet patient and participant consent forms are often long documents that are difficult to understand, leading to confusion, suspicion, or even serious ethical harm. To support researchers and clinicians in drafting ethically appropriate, clear, and digestible consent forms, the GA4GH Regulatory & Ethics Work Stream (REWS) has developed the Consent Toolkit, with sample consent clauses for clinical genomics, genomic researchlarge-scale initiatives, rare disease research, families, and paediatrics.

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  • Provides template responses help researchers and clinicians efficiently draft consent forms
  • Includes customisable responses that are easily adaptable across contexts
  • Represents clauses in a machine-readable way to promote efficient and accurate data sharing

Target users

Researchers, and clinicians

Image summary: The Consent Toolkit provides template clauses in six categories to help researchers draft ethical and consistent consent forms for patients and participants.
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Dive deeper into this product! As genomics continues to have great influence on biomedical research and healthcare, it is vital to examine consent forms and information sheets to ensure the information being delivered to patients and participants is clear and informative. Doing so ensures that participants and patients can make informed decisions and ensure that their data is used responsibly. The Consent Toolkit supports researchers and clinicians in drafting clear and digestible consent forms. It consists of six documents: Clinical Genomic Consent Clauses, Consent Clauses for Genomic Research, Consent Clauses for Large Scale Initiatives, Model Consent Clauses for Rare Disease Research, Familial Consent Clauses, and Pediatric Consent Clauses.

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11 Aug 2022
New templates streamline gaining consent for clinical genomics and large-scale initiatives — completing the GA4GH Consent Toolkit
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Familial Consent Clauses
22 Mar 2021
Familial Consent Clauses approved as part of the GA4GH Consent Toolkit
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29 Sep 2020
GA4GH releases three new deliverables to support responsible genomic data sharing
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