Supporting alignment across GA4GH standards: TASC seeks feedback on new pagination guide

21 Feb 2024

The Technical Alignment Subcommittee aims to harmonise aspects of GA4GH technical products and support interoperability.

The GA4GH Technical Alignment Subcommittee (TASC) has developed recommendations for how GA4GH technical products handle pagination. The community is invited to provide feedback and to attend an open meeting on February 26 at 14:00 UTC.

Pagination involves dividing data into smaller, more manageable chunks instead of receiving one long response back from a data query. Like turning the pages of a book, which makes it easier for the reader to keep their place, pagination provides a structured approach to navigating information — making it easier to process, display, and analyse data. Behind the scenes, pagination also improves computer performance, like improving efficiency when executing a task or reducing the size of result payloads.

Read the press release:…/supporting-alignment-across-ga4gh-standards-tasc-seeks-feedback-on-new-pagination-guide

Provide feedback on guide:…/API pagination guide recommendation

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