Voices of GA4GH members collaborating in technology and policy development

18 Feb 2022

Watch GA4GH contributors share why they’ve chosen to get involved in the GA4GH community.

“A human rights framework” —Bartha Maria Knoppers

“Striving to make a difference through policy” —Danya Vears

“A call to engage: consensus building from the bottom up” —Calvin W.L. Ho

“Including public voices” —Anna Middleton

“Finding supportive colleagues and increasing diversity” —Jacob Shujui Hsu

“Advancing genomic medicine through diverse perspectives” —Alex Handler Wagner

“Building a global health knowledge ecosystem” —Mélanie Courtot

“Putting the patient back together again” —Melissa Haendel

“Globally inclusive genomics” —Michael Baudis

“Finding a home within a global community” —Orion Buske

“Cross-pollination leads to better standards” —Andy Yates

“Driving standards” —Kathy Reinold

“A forum of experts to design and build the future” —Jonathan Lawson

“Driving toward federation” —Melissa Cline

“Joining a global community” —Tiffany Boughtwood

“Your contribution can make a difference” —Alexander Kanitz

“Volunteering as a driving force” —Jordi Rambla

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