GA4GH opens call for members of the new Strategic Leadership Committee

1 Feb 2024

The Strategic Leadership Committee will guide and advance the GA4GH Road Map and strategic vision.

GA4GH announces new Strategic Leadership Committee

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) has announced the creation of the Strategic Leadership Committee (SLC) — a group that will inform GA4GH strategy on advancing responsible use of genomic and related health data. Members of this new group will work closely with GA4GH leadership, bringing a broader set of perspectives informed by past experience with GA4GH and other genomics and health programs.

Individuals who have a commitment to or experience working with GA4GH are invited to apply or nominate a colleague. The application is open for submissions now through 30 April 2024.

“The SLC will play a crucial role in helping GA4GH progress towards its goals,” said Heidi Rehm, Chair of GA4GH. “By bringing together a new cohort of leaders dedicated to moving GA4GH forward, we aim to explore new ideas and bring a wealth of perspectives to the table, building off a robust and successful foundation.”

The SLC will help shape and implement the current GA4GH Road Map and strategic vision. This group will also provide insight and input on GA4GH activities, concerns raised by the community, and approaches to achieving objectives. 

“To ensure GA4GH’s work reflects the needs and use cases of stakeholders around the world, we are looking for leaders who are actively involved within the GA4GH community and who represent diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise,” said Peter Goodhand, Chief Executive Officer of GA4GH. 

In addition to forming and responding to strategic proposals, SLC members will serve as GA4GH ambassadors in the community. Members will also meet every other month with the GA4GH Executive Committee to advise on topics such as advancing GA4GH’s three current strategic imperatives: interoperability and alignment, implementation support, and engaging with the clinical community.

Following the nomination period, the GA4GH Executive team will deliberate and elect members to the committee by August 2024. The team will look for individuals with:

  • substantial experience with GA4GH at a leadership level, such as serving as Work Stream Co-Lead, Driver Project Champion, or Product Co-Lead;
  • a forward-looking vision for GA4GH and, more broadly, federated genomic data sharing, access, and analysis based on open data standards;
  • substantial experience or expertise in genomics, bioethics, biomedical informatics, standards development, data sharing regulation or related disciplines;
  • the ability to explore different points of view, build consensus, and work collaboratively with individuals from a broad range of disciplines and cultures.

Interested individuals can learn more about and apply to the SLC role.

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