GA4GH Community Spotlight: Reggan Thomas

1 Apr 2022

April’s Community Spotlight is…Reggan Thomas! Thomas is the GA4GH Work Stream manager of Cloud, LSG, and GKS! Read about his currents projects, his favourite scientific discovery and more!

The eleventh GA4GH Community Spotlight is…Reggan Thomas! Thomas has a Master in Bioinformatics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Systems Management. He has experience in computer system validation, clinical trial data management, software quality assurance, and business analysis. He worked as a Senior Business Consultant at Infosys before joining GA4GH in 2021. Thomas manages cross-functional teams in the development, documentation, and execution of process innovations that enable the attainment of business goals.

What projects are you currently working on? 

I provide the management support for Genomic Knowledge Standards (GKS), Large Scale Genomics (LSG), and Cloud GA4GH Works Streams. My responsibilities include understanding the aims and priorities of the workstreams and establishing connectivity between Work Stream leads, contributors, and GA4GH staff across different time zones. I also support Work Streams with roadmap development and product approval processes.

How do you think genomic data standards will shape the world in 20 years? 

Genomic data is so intricate that intelligent interfaces of computing technologies and databases, in tandem with sequencing technology, are required to present the outcome in the best possible way for making clinical decisions. In both scientific and clinical settings, interoperability and integration of genetic data require some user-friendly common standards.

I am very confident that over the years, GA4GH’s constant contribution to the development of common standards in genomic data sharing will benefit more in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and risk prediction for patient care. I’m delighted to be a member of the GA4GH community.

 Which science discovery is the most fascinating to you?

I am very interested in the biological sciences, creating and regulating life in various forms and states. I’m always amazed by genes and how they regulate cell behaviour. In this regard, the most intriguing scientific discovery for me is the mapping and decoding of human genes, known as the Human Genome Project, which is led by an international team of researchers. It has opened the door to more and more intriguing human science information in recent decades. It is a pivotal contribution in the collection of large amounts of genetic data and its application to precision and preventive medicine for humans. 

What advice would you give to individuals seeking to get more involved with GA4GH?

Each contributor from around the world contributes significantly to the growth of our community and the ability to serve more effectively. We are easily accessible via our communication portals and would be delighted to assist you in learning more about us. You can also record your questions, thoughts, suggestions, and comments in discussions forms to get connected.

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