Fireside Chat with Peter Goodhand and Catalina Lopez-Correa on November 8, 14:00 UTC

GA4GH is excited to kick-off a new series of “fireside chats” between members of the genomics and health community. For this first installment, GA4GH CEO Peter Goodhand will speak with guest Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa, who serves as the Chief Scientific Officer at
Genome Canada and Executive Director of the Canadian COVID Genomics Network (CanCOGeN). They will aim to discuss CanCOGeN’s efforts to enable COVID-19 data sharing, the Silent Genomes Project, and Dr. Lopez-Correa’s work on equity, diversity, and inclusion in Colombia, as co-Chair of the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative (G2MC), and as co-founder of the International and Immigrant Women in Science Network in Canada. The event will take place on Monday, November 8 at 14:00 UTC.

Dr. Lopez-Correa’s knowledge of genomics and commitment to scientific innovation and collaboration have helped solve global challenges. In addition to her role at Genome Canada, Dr. Lopez-Correa serves as Co-Chair of G2MC and has been a strong supporter of BC Children’s Hospital’s Silent Genomes Project, which aims to improve access to diagnosis of genetic disease for indigenous children. Prior to joining Genome Canada, Dr. Lopez-Correa served as the Chief Operating Officer at Ruta N Medellin in Colombia, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President of Sectors at Genome British Columbia, and Chief Science Officer and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs at Génome Québec.

Peter Goodhand played a key role in the launch of GA4GH in 2013, with the goal of advancing genomic and related health data sharing. Before that, Goodhand served as President of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) and President and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society. Currently, he also serves as Co-Chair of the International 100K+ Cohorts Consortium (IHCC) and sits on the governance boards of G2MC and Rare X.

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