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Public Comments

The following projects are open for public comment until July 31, 2019 (unless otherwise noted). Please review the proposed standards at the provided links and send your comments via email or GitHub.

Privacy & Security Policy

The GA4GH Privacy & Security Policy aims to guide the processing of genomic and health-related data in a way that protects and promotes the security, integrity, and availability of data and services, as well as the confidentiality and privacy of individuals, families, and communities whose data are processed. Please provide comments directly on the PDF before August 5, 2019.

rnaget API v1

rnaget API v1 provides a means of retrieving data from several types of RNA experiments including (i) feature-level expression data from RNA-seq type measurements and (ii) coordinate-based signal/intensity data similar to a bigwig representation via a client/server model.

Crypt4GH v1

Crypt4GH v1 provides an encrypted container file format that uses an asymmetric key derivation scheme to encrypt an envelope for individual users. The content of the file is random-access and authenticated.

Phenopackets v1

Phenopackets v1 defines the phenotypic description of a patient/sample in the context of rare disease or cancer genomic diagnosis, and aims to provide sufficient and shareable information of the data outside of the EHR. The schema and source code is available in Java, C++, and Python.

Variant Representation v1

Variant Representation v1 is an open specification to standardize the exchange of genetic variation data and includes (i) a JSON Schema for representing many classes of genetic variation, (ii) conventions to maximize the utility of the schema, and (iii) a reference implementation that promotes adoption of the standard.

Tool Registry Service (TRS) API v2

Tool Registry Service (TRS) API v2 provides a standard and interoperable way to build and exchange workflows between groups so that developers that build and contribute workflows to the community can have confidence that other groups working in a very different cloud environment can run their workflow.

Data Repository Service (DRS) v1

Data RepositoryService (DRS) API v1 provides a generic interface to data repositories so data consumers, including workflow systems, can access data in a single, standard way regardless of where it’s stored and how it’s managed.

Researcher Identity & Access Claims Specification v1

Researcher Identity & Access Claims Specification v1 aims to support Registered or Controlled access to federated genomics and health data, relying on a researcher’s role, affiliation, or status encoded within a researcher’s “passport” that can be interpreted to authorize data access.

Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) v1

Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) v1 profiles the OpenID Connect protocol to provide a federated (multilateral) authentication and authorisation infrastructure for greater interoperability between Genomics institutions in a manner specifically applicable to (but not limited to) the sharing of restricted datasets.