Driver Projects

Driver Project Applications

GA4GH Driver Projects are real-world genomic data initiatives that help guide our development efforts and pilot our tools. Stakeholders around the globe advocate, mandate, implement, and use our frameworks and standards in their local contexts.

Driver Project Criteria

  • Increases GA4GH’s global representation:
    • Includes data from populations typically underrepresented in genomics
    • Project is located in a country/countries where GA4GH does not currently have Driver Project representation
    • Represents an international collaboration
  • Scientific Merit
    • Advances human health and science across the globe
    • Relevant to an important clinical or health problem
    • Impacts the international community’s genomic understanding of human disease
    • Committed to making data available and to contributing to a culture of data sharing
  • Capacity to Contribute
    • In a position to pilot a subset of GA4GH standards upon completion
    • Has adequate funding and resources to ensure high likelihood of completion
    • Can contribute at least $250K USD in in-kind resources over two years



October 5, 2018

The official application period launches alongside an announcement at the GA4GH 6th Plenary meeting in Basel, Switzerland.

November 30, 2018

Applications are due.

December 2018 – January 2019

Review period.

February 2019

Applicants will receive notification on the status of their application.

March 2019

Onboarding for new GA4GH Driver Projects