How we work

GA4GH focuses on framing policy and developing standards that meet the real-world needs of the international genomics community.

Work streamsWork Streams

GA4GH Work Streams develop standards, tools, and frameworks that are designed to overcome technical and regulatory hurdles to international genomic data-sharing.
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Driver Projects
GA4GH Driver Projects are real-world genomic data initiatives sourced from around the globe that provide guidance on GA4GH standards development.
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Technical Alignment Sub-Committee
The Technical Alignment Sub-Committee (TASC) provides mechanisms and recommendations to create internal consistency and technical alignment across GA4GH Work Streams and product deliverables. TASC serves as a central decision-making group, documenting and communicating these decisions across multiple stakeholders.
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Partner Engagement
The GA4GH Partner Engagement initiative facilitates two-way dialogue with the international community, including national initiatives, major health care centres, and patient advocacy groups.

Explanation of How We Work

GA4GH Driver Projects are real-world genomic data initiatives that provide input on the standards most needed for the international genomics community to share data.

GA4GH Work Streams collaborate with Driver Projects to create the technical and regulatory standards most needed by the international genomics community.

Driver Projects put finished frameworks and standards to immediate use.

GA4GH’s Partner Engagement initiative will ensure proactive two-way dialogue at both the national and organizational level with potential end-users of GA4GH frameworks and standards. It’s ultimate goal is to enable easy and immediate adoption of these tools in real-world settings.