2020 Connection Demos

Connect. Collaborate. Accelerate.



The GA4GH Connection Demos are real-world implementations and deployments of GA4GH standards across multiple institutions and demonstrate interoperability and utility. The work of these early GA4GH adopters aims to identify and resolve pain points to implementation in order to smooth the road for future adopters.

Read on to learn how the Demos demonstrate the power of interoperability to advance genomic research.


Three Strategies…

The GA4GH Connection Demos leverage three strategies for demonstrating interoperability. The horizontal demo shows interoperability across vendors; the vertical demo shows interoperability between standards; and the cross platform demo shows interoperability between both vendors and standards.

Horizontal Demo

Reliably produce the same research results regardless of your choice of platform

Vertical Demo

Deep integration of a comprehensive suite of standards implemented by a single institution

Cross Platform Demo

Real world disease research using data and services across institutions

View the webinar to learn more about the demos:

Federated Analysis Systems Project (FASP)

The GA4GH FASP was established to show that GA4GH APIs, when used in concert, can facilitate real-world, scientific use cases by conducting genomic analysis in the cloud. FASP aims to simulate how a researcher would search, access, and analyze genomic data within the GA4GH ecosystem via end-to-end test scenarios involving multiple Driver Projects.

The FASP team also runs test scenarios against a wide variety of web service implementations, showing that common API specifications facilitate interoperability. This work involves the development of a comprehensive list of scientific use cases, as well as new web services for the test scenarios to run against. The FASP test scenarios illustrate how having GA4GH standards solve a spectrum of challenges across the search-access-analyze workflow (e.g., datasets not discoverable, barriers to data access), driving larger scale and more powerful analyses.

The GA4GH Toolkit

Learn how the full suite of GA4GH standards can work together to enable a learning health system, support more powerful science, and improve human health and medicine.