Become a Member

Organizational Members of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health commit to advancing the goal of responsible genomic and health-related data sharing. Contact to become a member.

GA4GH invites Organizations to apply to become Members of GA4GH to show their support in enabling genomic data sharing for the benefit of human health.

By becoming a Member, your Organization will:
  • Be featured in the Organizational Member section of our website.
  • Be able to assign contacts in your Organization to receive the latest GA4GH updates.
  • Be able to participate in regular meetings of Global Alliance membership.

Member organizations must accept the terms and conditions of the Organization Membership Agreement and the GA4GH Constitution. Become an Organizational Member

GA4GH Membership Criteria:
  • Your Organization’s mission, operations, and public statements are consistent with the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health Constitution and Member Agreement.
  • Your Organization is an established entity (e.g., corporation, not-for-profit Organization, partnership).
  • Your Organization has an open and professional presence (e.g., website).
  • Your Organization is active in the field of genomic research/medicine or related activity.
  • Your Organization ownership, governance, funding, and leadership is clearly identified.