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The GA4GH Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group has published a paper in Cell Genomics!

24 Aug 2023

“The observations explored in this paper are GA4GH’s steps toward responding to EDI concerns within the community. We expect the work of these groups to broaden participation of members from diverse groups and, consequently, to lead to the creation of more effective and far-reaching data sharing and leadership standards.”

Special thanks to Manuel Corpas and the rest of the coauthors Neerjah Skantharajah, Shakuntala Baichoo, Tiffany F. Boughtwood, Esmeralda Casas-Silva, Subhashini Chandrasekharan, Sanjay M. Dave, Khalid A. Fakhro, Aida B. Falcon de Vargas, Sylvia S. Gayle, Vivek K. Gupta, Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, Ashley E. Hobb, Stephanie Li, Bastien Llamas, Catalina Lopez-Correa, Mavis Machirori, Jorge Melendez-Zajgla, Mareike A. Millner, Angela J.H. Page, Laura D. Paglione, Maili C. Raven-Adams, Lindsay Smith, Ericka M. Thomas, and Judit Kumuthini.

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