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GA4GH 11th Plenary update

8 Jun 2023

Plenary sessions will begin a day earlier (20 September 2023) with lunch, an afternoon programme, and an evening reception.

Plenary update: To accommodate an exciting slate of talks and panels and to celebrate a decade of GA4GH, we welcome you to a special early kick-off for GA4GH 11th Plenary on 20 September 2023. Plenary sessions introduce GA4GH to all and highlights the latest advances in responsible use of genomic data.

The welcome programme will consist of lunch, opening sessions, and an evening reception. Plenary continues on 21 and 22 September as planned.

Connect working sessions for active GA4GH contributors will still occur from 19 to 20 September.

GA4GH Plenary brings together organisations and collaborators from across the genomics and health community. Register today to join the conversation!

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