Join our international secretariat team and help us advance genomic data sharing for the benefit of human health and medicine.

Work Stream Manager

EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
Hinxton, UK

The primary responsibility of the Work Stream Manager based at EMBL-EBI, will be to provide management support for three GA4GH Work Streams. These Work Streams may include Cloud, Large Scale Genomics (LSG), and Genomic Knowledge Standards (GKS). These have responsibility for developing and maintaining a broad portfolio of core bioinformatics formats (e.g. SAM, VCF), a new generation of web enabled genomics APIs (e.g. htsget, refget), and enabling portable analysis pipelines for genomic data (among other activities).

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Software Developer

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Toronto, Canada

The Software Developer role will support the development and implementation of open source technical standards for genomic data sharing. These APIs and other standards will be implemented by genomic data projects from around the world in order to improve health outcomes. As part of your activities you will have the opportunity to be exposed to a large set of technologies. Due to current global health concerns, this position is fully remote until further notice. The Software Developer will support the delivery of high-quality technical standards, by supporting projects through the product approval process; develop open source implementations for approved GA4GH technical standards, including APIs and new bioinformatics file formats; develop software to support the implementation of GA4GH technical standards worldwide, such as testbed platforms and documentation tools; write clear, comprehensive technical documentation; join project calls with international collaborators to develop and prototype new specifications and features, and provide updates and demonstrations; and act as GA4GH technical liaison with other projects at OICR, e.g. ICGC-ARGO.

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Developer & Technical Operations Specialist

Wellcome Sanger Institute
Hinxton, United Kingdon

This is a varied and exciting role as a web developer and technical operations specialist to provide support and work closely with the internationally distributed Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) team, while enjoying the benefits of employment at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. Your first project upon joining the team will be to participate in the redesign process of, followed by its development and deployment in WordPress. You will be responsible for new features and bug fixes as required. Your primary responsibility is to develop and maintain all elements of the website and ensure it facilitates the most effective delivery of GA4GH products to the international community.

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