GA4GH 2020-2021 Roadmap

About the Roadmap

The 2020-2021 Strategic Roadmap outlines strategies, standards, and policies for enabling genomic and related health data sharing. The GA4GH Strategic Roadmap is developed through both a bottom up and top down process: 

The top down process is the GA4GH Gap Analysis process, which is executed every two years to identify gaps in the high level strategy of the organization. The 2020 Gap Analysis was led by Heidi Rehm (MGH/Broad Institute) and Andrew Morris (HDR UK), who communicated with more than two dozen stakeholders to identify three key community imperatives: (i) improve interoperability and alignment with external standards and between GA4GH standards, (ii) improve implementation support for technical standards, and (iii) engage more closely with healthcare and clinical standards.

The bottom up process consists of the GA4GH Work Streams developing and evolving their planned deliverables, informed through continuous engagement with Driver Project representatives and others from the community to identify the standards and policies most needed to enable the sharing of genomic and related health information within their local environments. This work produces Part II of this document—a list of proposed deliverables to be submitted for approval in 2020 and 2021. As a living document, Work Streams are able to add deliverables to this section at any time within the confines of the GA4GH Product Approval Process. Upon formal release in September 2020, this document includes 43 new or updated deliverables that aim to address needs in the areas of data use and researcher identities, variation representation and annotation, federated analysis, privacy and security, regulatory and ethics, discovery, clinical and phenotypic data capture, and large scale genomics.